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Posted By: Daryl Woodworth Date Posted: 12/12/2002 12:30:59 AM
Hey 89, I know somebody who wants to sell a product to all branches of the military. I think it has some potential and I'm looking for a contact name to pass along if any of you supply types could help me out. Thanks, Daryl Woodworth, 3rd Co. (970) 328-0565
Posted By: Greg Meyer Date Posted: 10/27/2002 10:07:44 PM
My email is Just talked to JP Brousset, he is in Mexico City and may be making a run up soon to San Antonio and possibly points north towards Utah.
Posted By: Greg Meyer Date Posted: 10/27/2002 9:57:14 PM
Hi everybody, Can somebody get me the details on how to get onto the 9th Company listserv for the class of '89? As for what is up down here in San Antonio, I have been working for 9 months now at USAA on the IT side doing new project development. My son Jacob is now 5, scores well in his soccer games and can shoot down computerized biplanes much better than I can! My wife Russelyn is staying at home with Jake until he starts school and we both have come to realize that it is a harder job than working outside the home. Drop me a line,
Posted By: Ed McGovern Date Posted: 7/2/2002 9:55:23 PM
Hello all: Just wanted to update this message board. Have been living in the Seattle area for a year and a half and love it here. I just started a new job in Real estate development with a local firm called Schnitzer Northwest. I previously worked with a real estate pension fund advisor in Seattle called Kennedy Associates. If anyone is passing through town, feel free to drop me an email at Hope everyone is well! Regards, Ed McGovern USNA 89
Posted By: Joe Klein Date Posted: 4/8/2002 5:16:14 PM
Is anyone attending the July PXO class besides me and Rommel Esteves? My email address is See you in Newport.
Posted By: Eric Rokke Date Posted: 3/31/2002 5:30:08 PM
Any chance we can use some of our 4th Company donations to debug the computer that keeps sending out the e-mail jamming 1500kb messages? I think we're slowing down the entire internet.
Posted By: Douglas Thi Date Posted: 3/30/2002 12:02:36 PM
This is a test message...trying to determine the nature of the 4th Company SPAM...
Posted By: Jim Gameros Date Posted: 10/24/2001 9:09:40 PM
Hi Everyone: I am trying to contact Ryan Garcia. I have his address, and am sending a snail mail. Does anyone have a number or email address that I can contact him faster at? It is very important. Thank you. Jim
Posted By: Orin Clay Date Posted: 9/30/2001 9:06:53 AM
Hey 89, Family and I just relocated to DC area (Bowie, MD) from Japan. Interested in any employment opportunities and worthwhile organizations for spouse (DC Bar attorney). Any suggestions or info please call or email: or 301-809-6313
Posted By: Tony Newpower Date Posted: 9/13/2001 10:01:23 PM
Posted By: John Shassberger Date Posted: 9/13/2001 7:54:23 PM
Ami and I are proud to announce the birth of our second child Molly Elizabeth Shassberger born July 25th. Molly weighed 8 1/2 pounds with a full head of hair!
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Posted By: steve boyles Date Posted: 2/7/2001 5:57:31 PM
to the guy who is trying to locate ron draker. I have his address and phone number at home. e-mail me and I will reply back with the info on 2/8 or later.
Posted By: Jim Gameros Date Posted: 1/24/2001 10:19:04 PM
Hello Everyone: I am interested in contacting both John Gibson or Ron Draker. If anyone has info to forward or can get message to them, I would appreciate.
Posted By: Edward McGovern Date Posted: 1/14/01 2:16:09 PM
Hello All: Just relocated to the Seattle Area and would be interested in getting together with Alumni who are in the area. I am also currently looking for a new gig. You can contact me directly at my new email Thanks
Posted By: Paul Gallagher Date Posted: 1/4/2001 1:26:13 PM
Hey CT, remember when you were going to drop me a line with your new info when you set up shop in Newport?...Gags sends
Posted By: Chris Thomas Date Posted: 12/13/2000 4:11:56 PM
BZ and thanks to Ingar Grez for the great gater at Army-Navy. I haven't had that much fun since in a long time. Seeing so many classmates and beating Army; a great way to close out 2000. CPT
Posted By: Shawn Duffy Date Posted: 11/30/2000 9:26:01 AM
Is there going to be a Tailgater at Army/Navy, if so where, and is anything going on the night before in Baltimore or Annapolis, going this year, first since 88', looking to hook up and put a few back!!! Just arrived here in Newport. Updating my info on Class site!!! Hope to see the Blimp and some old friends!! Go Navy!!!
Posted By: Mark Hagler Date Posted: 11/28/2000 10:04:34 PM
Anyone going to the Army/Navy game this saturday?
Posted By: Gary Irvin Date Posted: 11/14/2000 4:01:01 PM
Raytheon Missile Systems (RMS) in Tucson, AZ is hiring in the following departments due increasing business: Systems Engineering, Electronics, Radar and RF Subsystems, Missile Guidance, and Software. The company loves Academy grads. RMS was just listed in the top 5 of the Fortune 100 for employee benefits - compensation is excellent as well. Call me at (520) 663-8982 or e-mail me at I've been here a little over a year as a quality engineer on the JSOW Program and I love my job. Tucson is a great place to live!
Posted By: Tony Cox Date Posted: 11/10/2000 8:25:27 AM
Sorry about that last posting. Seems the hard returns and tabs didn't quite work as pasted. Anyway, this is posted for the benefit of those who might access this website, but aren't on the ListServ.
Posted By: Tony Cox Date Posted: 11/10/2000 8:23:26 AM
Hey Classmates ! For any of you living in the UK or those who happen to be passing through London during Army/Navy--I thought you should know about this. This will be my 3rd year in attendance and it's a really good time. Only downer is that you have to put up with the AFN commercials. Hope to see some of you there. WHAT: ARMY/NAVY PARTY 2000 WHERE: US Navy Headquarters Europe "Constellation Room" 7 North Audley Street London W1 (NW corner of Grosvenor Square) WHEN: Saturday, 02 December, 2000 at 1700 hours UK time WHO: Grads, spouses, partners, friends, and kids (old enough to enjoy the game without disturbing others) COST: Ј5.00 per head, payable at the event for catered finger food, salad, and sandwiches. Cash bar available. DRESS: Smart casual FOR SECURITY: US Military ID card or Passport required to obtain entrance to the venue. RSVP: Wednesday, 29 November at the latest to John Fyfe, email TO INCLUDE the names of proposed attendees and their nationality (if non-US). MISC: This is being arranged by the Local West Point Society, so lets make sure we all turn out in sufficient numbers to kick the **!"Ј$% out of the Army Mule. Go Navy ! Regards, Tony Cox USNA '89 email:
Posted By: Leif Harrison Date Posted: 11/8/2000 10:06:02 AM
Here's my take: there has been this perpetuated belief (I prefer to call it a myth) that the silent majority of Americans are conservative in their values. I think yesterday was a full-on put-it-to-the-people test of that belief. Throw Nader into the mix and the the results validate once-and-for-all that liberalism/socialism is the majority ideology in this country. I couldn't be more dejected with that realization. Without a Bush mandate, there will be no restoration or promotion of rugged individualism, entreprenuership, or personal liberty. I liked to think that "compassionate conservatism" would have been a movement to gently but firmly re-center America in those precepts. Throw in the rapidly changing demographics, and you have large numbers of Americans (who have never been exposed to these founding principles) exponentially sliding towards an entitlement-centered ideology, which pragmatically will have to hit a breaking point, in that the "do's" resources can only subsidize the "do not's" for so long, before it collapses. There will be no tax cuts or Social Security reform, but there will only be a piling on of prescription drug entitlements and others. The number of elderly will increasingly outpace the number of taxpayers. And the "projected" surplus, in my opinion, was a campaign fraud perpetrated by both parties, as evidenced by new, record spending proposed in the recent budget. It required a Bush mandate to shore up the foundation of this country for the future. There was no mandate. He will absolutely have to lead as a uniter, but there will be no movement on the domestic front as a result of this election. Only domestic caretakership at best for four years and maybe some foreign policy leadership. His election will never be pragmatically legitimized, and therefore, we get to watch the liberals, primarily Hillary (with Gore's populist rant in the background), from Day 1 position themselves every day for 2004. I wanted peace after the last 8 years of a daily forcefeeding of Clinton's absolute core corruption and disgusting self-adulation. Now he and his wife must be energized by the lack of a mandate. And Gore will be empowered to reposition himself as well. They all will be in our faces everyday again, for a long time to come. I wanted them off the stage. Now I'm afraid the results suggest that the problem is worse that I thought. And in my frank opinion, likely irreversable in the big scheme of things. No peace it seems unless I simply tune out. How far this is from Annapolis! How far this is from placing your hand over your heart and singing along with the national anthem! What those things mean to me flat-out lost yesterday.
Posted By: Brian McGoldrick Date Posted: 11/5/2000 12:14:22 AM
Hey there fellow 89ers:) I'm trying to get a hold of Dave Greenheck from Fun 01. If anyone has any info it would be greatly appreciated, Thanks.
Posted By: Edgar Jimenez Date Posted: 11/1/00 12:50:00 PM
Greetings '89. Please somebody give me the whereabouts of Steve McAlearny.
Posted By: Ed McGovern Date Posted: 10/5/2000 2:36:01 AM
Does anyone have any gouge as to the whereabouts of my old roommate Cole Cornell. Last time I saw him was June Week in 1989.
Posted By: Tony Newpower Date Posted: 9/12/2000 9:10:22 PM
Oops, well, Chris, if you want to contact him, you will probably need his email. Here it is: "Looking for Christopher Michael Jones" note on the message board on your class web site? Maybe one of your classmates knows how I can reach him. I can reached at or at
Posted By: Tony Newpower Date Posted: 9/12/2000 9:08:53 PM
I am posting this for an 88er who is looking for Chris Jones: My name is Keith Kans and I am a member of the class of 88. I am trying to find a friend from high school as well as the boat school who is a member of your class. I am looking for Christopher Michael Jones. I believe he was in 35th Company, but my memory is not too clear, it could have been 34th.
Posted By: Jean-Pierre Brousset Date Posted: 9/5/2000 1:17:14 AM
Its funny after such a long time I find out that we have this great site! Congrats and thanks from whoever is making this effort. I'm currently working on a Company whos goal is Satellite Internet. Anyone comming to Peru pls give me a call! Un fuerte abrazo para todos JP
Posted By: Rich Dodson Date Posted: 5/4/2000 4:07:03 AM
Tony and all, Finally getting me email act together here! Thanks for hosting the cool site. Have six '89ers on IKE with me on deployment right now: Ben Goodwin (IKE Stike Ops), Ray Worthington and John Stevenson (VF-143 pilots), Bill Ipock and myself (CCDG 8 staff) and Fred "Lucky" Luchtman who is flying Hornets with VFA-136. We just sent Ed "Chocks" Henderson from the staff to his Dept Head tour in Whidbey to continue with his "Prowling" around! This is great site! If the six of us can get it together here...we will send the composite photo and email ala what Gary Diehl just did for SHIPMATE. Thanks to all the class officers past and present for keeping us together! Your Classmate, Rich
Posted By: Jim Holly Date Posted: 5/2/2000 10:41:22 AM
Hello 89. Cool website. Well, I'm getting a paycheck. Several years ago a rumor leaked that I was living in a basement with no pay check. I will not confirm the humble beginnings of Cyveillance (formerly Online Monitoring Services) but would like to say after several years and just getting settled in Virginia, I will be abroad again. I will be on the move, leaving Alexandria VA and heading to London this summer to set up our first overseas office. I'll miss the tailgaters but hope to keep in touch via the Web. See ya next year. P.S. Cyveillance is still hiring. Tony Horton '89 just joined this year.
Posted By: Gary Irvin Date Posted: 5/1/2000 6:47:01 PM
Raytheon Missile Systems in Tucson, AZ is hiring quality engineers for a variety of missile programs including Tomahawk, Standard, HARM, Sparrow, and AMRAAM. No quality engineering experience required, your Academy and fleet experience is appreciated here. Great benefits, pay, and location. Every other Friday off! Generous relocation package. I can get you in. E-mail me your resume at Tucson not for you? Transfer to one of many other locations after 1-2 years. Mechanical/electrical engineers, I can probably get you in too.
Posted By: Ted Fundoukos Date Posted: 4/13/2000 9:15:52 PM
Dear Classmates, Anyone interested in investing banking please give me a call (310) 586-0575 and fax me your resume (310) 586-0599. My firm, Prudential Securities is hiring at the associate level. Must be willing to relocate to NYC, San Francisco or Atlanta. NYC and SF are most likely locations. Must have MBA from accredited institution. Ted
Posted By: Robert Webber Date Posted: 3/30/2000 3:23:36 PM
Tom White...Send me an email...cheers Rob Webber
Posted By: Gerry Schaefer Date Posted: 3/18/2000 1:56:00 PM
The method for subscribing to the listserver has changed. To subscribe to the list you need to send a message to In the BODY of the message simply write: subscribe Your list guy, Gerry
Posted By: Mark Autry Date Posted: 3/17/2000 2:40:17 PM
Hello '89, I thought I'd put the word out, I have a contact at Intel who is interested in interviewing (for hire) an Academy Graduate(s)! I have been working as an engineer at Intel since I left the navy some 5 years ago, and it has been enlightening in more ways than one! The work site would be Chandler, AZ for the first year or two, thereafter transfers(within Intel) are an often occurence. If you are at all interested, please call me at (253)371-5648 or email me at I have been unprogrammed somewhat in my personal behavior, thanks to Intel and its reward and discipline policies.
Posted By: David Sadler Date Posted: 3/1/2000 3:28:08 PM
Hi. I'm looking to get a copy/reprint of our class panoramic photo. Does anyone know the photography studio that took the picture and where contact them? Thanks, David (
Posted By: azeem jamshed Date Posted: 1/31/00 1:30:29 AM
looking for Brian Frack and JD Myers of 1st co. if anyone has any gouge please e-mail or
Posted By: Tom White Date Posted: 1/10/00 10:29:07 PM
just got orders to crystal city, now all I need is somewhere to live. A garage is a must, 2/3 bedrooms is fine. Any thoughts? thanx
Posted By: Azeem Jamshed Date Posted: 1/4/00 12:36:19 AM
Hello Class of 89! I'm back and uglier than ever .... contact me if you know me or even if you don't
Posted By: Jim Schwappach Date Posted: 12/15/99 3:58:43 PM
Hi all, I'm trying to track down Mike Leschinsky and Joe Holland, both of 36th Company. Does anyone know where they might be? Thanks, Jim
Posted By: Laurie Capen Date Posted: 12/10/99 11:47:49 AM
oops...guess me e-mail would
Posted By: Laurie Capen Date Posted: 12/10/99 11:46:07 AM
Looking for Kristen Colbert Whitley. Missed the reunion and lost her e-mail while changing over computers. Wanted to find out about her new baby. Any help is appreciated :)
Posted By: Aaron Gilbert Date Posted: 12/5/99 1:34:39 PM
Does anyone know how to contact Charlie Moore? If you do please E-mail me at Thank You.
Posted By: Rick Frey Date Posted: 11/18/99 10:32:11 PM
Does anyone out there know the whereabouts of James DeMott? If so, please drop me an e-mail or tell him to get in touch with me. Thanks! My e-amil address is: BEAT ARMY!!
Posted By: Brent Samuels Date Posted: 11/4/99 7:14:11 PM
Desperately in need of 2 army tickets. If you can help, please email
Posted By: Ingar Grev Date Posted: 10/18/99 1:37:05 PM
Hey classmates! Ingar Grev here. The '89 tailgaters are going on as always! We are in the home side parking lot, about midfield, against the grass, under the 89 Blimp! Hope to see you there! If you would like some up-to-date info, please sign up on our listserver. Just send an e-mail to In the body, type: subscribe usna89
Posted By: Frank Lugo Date Posted: 10/13/99 4:55:15 AM
Hi all, I was unable to attend the reunion ( Corps business) but I am sure you all had fun. However, is anyone planning to go to Navy's (actual) Homecoming this year on the 23rd of October vs. Akron ? Any tailgates going on or something? Also, Does anyone know where Rob Lessard and Ron Smudz are ? Well take care and Semper Fi !
Posted By: Eric Sherck Date Posted: 10/1/99 9:11:10 AM
Hey are we still having the 89 class tailgates at home football games? I am planning to attend the Tulane Game on Nov 13 and if so then can you tell me what section of the parking lot it is held in. Thanks
Posted By: Tony Pham Date Posted: 9/8/99 11:14:33 PM
I did not get our class T-shirts at the reunion. Did we run out? Does anyone know how I can two?
Posted By: Ron Hoofnagle Date Posted: 8/21/99 9:16:19 PM
Hey there '89! Finally placed my votes and thought I'd add to the campaign to get the vote out! As they say in Chicago, vote soon, vote often!! We're still in Kalamazoo, MI, enjoying summer and getting kids (Maddie, 4, and Nick, 2) ready for pre-school this year. Won't be able to make the 10 year, anyone headed for Notre Dame? Current email is Enjoy the party! Hoof
Posted By: John Herman Date Posted: 8/17/99 2:30:53 PM
The Army/Navy game is sold out and I don't have any tickets. Does anyone know where I could get 3 tickets? I'm desperate.
Posted By: James Rich Date Posted: 8/9/99 9:06:22 AM
Greetings All! I want to start by saying Great Job Newps! Site is looking good! I also have a couple of questions about the reunion. First, are all events open to children? James Jr. will only be 4 months old come reunion time and if we are able to come would have him in tow. I ask especially for the cocktail party. Next, is there a roster of those registered to attend the reunion? I think it would be beneficial to know who will be attending so that time is not wasted looking for those not attending.

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